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How to find the best media training

Everyone knows that we now live in a world dominated by 24 hour news and that whatever your company does there will come a time when you HAVE to talk to the media. Whether it’s to the trade press, local journalists or facing the challenges of talking to national print and broadcast media. These days the mind set of ‘oh well if anything happens we can just ignore the press’ and hope it will all go away or to say the dreaded ‘no comment’ simply isn’t an option. Whatever the issue whether it’s proactive or reactive the key is to have confident spokespeople who can deliver your message with clarity, consistency and confidence.


So how do you find the best media training course?

At Media First we design bespoke training to fit your specific needs and requirements. The last thing you want from your team is for them to say that half the course was great but the other half was completely irrelevant to how they interface with the media. We have a strong belief that the best way for people to learn is by actually doing it! Telling your team the dos and don’ts of an interview is all very well but until they actually practice it, either face to face or in our radio and TV studio, its only then that they get a real feel for the communication skills they need to employ in order to manage their message effectively.

Print interview training

These are the most common way that most people interact with the media. Not under the bright lights of a studio but normally down the end of the phone with a journalist. It can often feel like it’s just a conversation but in fact it’s an interview from the minute you pick up the phone – so take care.

Here at Media First we put you through your paces in a variety of interview sessions including doing an interview on the phone which is then written up for you as it would it appear in either a trade, local or national newspaper – so you can see how your words have been interpreted!

Broadcast interview training

These days, broadcast journalists are desperate for stories and getting your brand or company on local or national news really needs to be seen as an opportunity and not something to be feared.

However, going into a radio or into a TV studio can be rather daunting. So by putting you in our studio environment you can get used to the rather intrusive technology in a training environment so that by the time it comes to the real thing you’re a natural!

The best media training course for you will include the following key points:

  • Understanding the media
  • The do's and don'ts of interviews
  • The importance of planning
  • Understanding the importance of, and how you can, build relationships with journalists
  • Developing key messages - quickly and consistently
  • Handling difficult and sometimes hostile questioning

As a consequence of coming to one of our media training courses, all of your team will be able to successfully deal with any press attention and deliver all the right key messages with clarity, consistency and confidence.

We work under strict non-disclosure agreements with current working journalists who know the latest techniques, editorial preferences and have an up-to-date knowledge of the press agenda.

How can you prepare your business for a crisis?

If you’re not just in the news but ARE the news then the crisis communication media training is crucial to being able to retake control of the situation and successfully manage the reputation of the company.

Facing the media is stressful at the best of times, and it feels ten times worse when you’re trying to deal with an eager press hungry for news. There’s very little time for calm reflection, for checking facts with colleagues, and coordinating your response. By taking you through a complete role-play scenario, with a crisis that builds throughout the day, dealing with constant phone calls, putting together a statement, managing a press conference, Media First gives you the best possible preparation for an unexpected event. We teach you to remain in control, and to demonstrate concern and compassion while not seeming weak. Each scenario we develop is tailored to the individual client and reflects the kinds of issues challenges you'll face in the real world.

The best crisis media training course for you will include the following key points:

  • How to handle the ‘doorstep’ interview
  • How to retake control of the situation
  • How to write a corporate statement
  • How to manage a press conference
  • The positive rebuttal
  • Handling difficult and sometimes hostile Q & A

Why not get in touch to see how our training can help you and your business.

"The media training course I attended gave me a great insight into how the media works and how to handle an interview successfully. It has also given me the confidence and knowledge to understand how useful the media can be in order to engage with patients. It is a great way to communicate to a mass audience to ensure everyone has access to the information they need about our services”

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